David Tyrell
Chairman of Expose the North (BBP)
David Tyrell, At a Glance

A young trumpeter at the age of 8, David Tyrell felt music’s calling early on. Entranced by the unique sounds emitted by band instruments, he notes that he was driven to learn more about music and adopt other instruments, including the saxophone and drums.

Now serving as chairman of Expose the North (BBP), Mr. Tyrell focuses on audio production and engineering to not only record music but to also produce media, as well as offer manufacturing and consulting services. He sides himself with a determined staff, as well as a talented array of representatives, who have all played key roles in advancing the organization and assisting with expansion efforts. Comfortable and proficient in the music and production industry, Mr. Tyrell cites the support of his family and his belief in God to be the driving forces behind his success.

Mr. Tyrell is a distinguished affiliate of SOCAN, Rocbattle.com, Letsbeef.com, city500media.com, and is a proud member of Worldwide Who’s Who. In looking toward a bright and industrious future, he intends to expand BBP’s reach north and establish Block Basics Productions as one of the most notable production firms in the industry.

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David Tyrell
Chairman, Expose the North (BBP)
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